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DSC01888By: Mike White, SIOR, CCIM, Broker-in-Charge

There’s simply no denying it: today’s parents face a tougher challenge raising kids than any previous generation since perhaps The Great Depression. Social media distraction, coupled with the constant barrage of negative news and socially pathetic “celebrities”, create a toxic and divisive void that keeps well meaning Moms and Dads from staying relevant to their kids.

There is hope and reason for great optimism among Charleston families! Our community is attracting higher paying jobs and globally competitive companies across multiple industries. We no longer suffer from the “brain drain” that plagues most small cities and towns, where young people with great ambition seek better opportunities in faraway cities. In reality, we have the complete opposite going on, as more than 30 people a day move to our tri-county region.

Therefore, as parents, we need to identify where the jobs of the future will be found, so we can guide our kids toward learning more about the skills they will need to remain competitive.

Aerospace pays very well with great benefits, but has high barriers to entry and maintains even higher standards of conduct. Kids need math, science, a great personal attitude and an aptitude for problem solving. Bring your kids to the airport to marvel at the way planes are maneuvered around and looked after. It’s free!

Our automotive sector is ramping up and these plants need open-minded, personable, high-energy young people who can handle the “start and stop” sequencing of custom-made vehicle production. Watch programs like “How It’s Made” with your kids. It’s free!

Our software and coding workforce is perhaps the most exciting future trend. These free-spirited start-ups need both geeks and grunts…kids who constantly question and seem bored without constant stimuli. (Have one of those?) Watch YouTube and Kahn Academy together. It’s free!       ….to be continued…..

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