The Comprehensive Resource for Manufacturing
and Commercial Real Estate in Charleston, SC


By Mike White, Broker-In-Charge

We are so fortunate to live and work in Charleston!

Beyond our amazing quality of life, astounding natural beauty, dynamic restaurant scene and uber-friendly people, we are enjoying an economic resurgence that rivals any major cosmopolitan market on the globe. You need only to “follow the money” to see with certainty that Charleston is changing fast and for the better, as we continue to attract increasing amounts of capital into all facets of our economy. Our firm specifically tracks industrial advancement and given the rapid absorption and pending new construction, our little market is an enviable place to operate within.

Here are Five Forecast Events that will shape the Charleston Industrial market in 2015:

 1. Major Aerospace Expansion.

Increased production rates mean parts will need to be here in four hours, not four days. Expect 2015 to be the Year of the Supplier! We should do everything we can to help our aerospace workers be successful. Next time you see one, encourage them, our community is grateful!

2. Automotive Assembly Announcement.

Our skilled workforce and geographic advantages will bring several new production lines as auto and van sales surge.

3. Big Box Positioning to Begin.

The post-Panamax era will arrive in 2016 amid a great “Eastern Migration” of port-related warehouses as shippers prepare to shift cargo from LA/Long Beach to the East Coast. Expect to see new e-commerce landing zones expanding here.

4. Composite Materials Continue Advancing.

Expect the engineering advancements and additive applications to multiply and Research and Technology Centers to open.

5. New National Players Will Buy In.

The world has discovered us and their Best and Brightest are moving here in droves. Expect Unprecedented Abundance as selling prices reach new heights and well-capitalized national developers invest in one of the few remaining markets that still offer “outsized gains”.

Next month: “The Shifting Global Supply Chain”