The Comprehensive Resource for Manufacturing
and Commercial Real Estate in Charleston, SC

By: Mike White, SIOR, CCIM, Broker-in-Charge

Hurtling down the “A7”, Germany’s longest Autobahn, pushing past 95 mph in my Mercedes 450 GLE coupe, I’m hitting a straight stretch that creates an eerily harmonious calming as man, machine and roadway become one. The Charleston Industrial market is, right now, in just such a place.

Over the past ten years, we’ve crawled through the depths of recession, walked down a winding path of recovery, until now, when we’re running a race where it almost seems too easy. We’ve never moved this fast!

The past six months have seen a flurry of announcements heralding new investments in large bulk buildings, new spec development and a steady pipeline of suppliers across a wide spectrum of industries.

Again defining its pole position as the Charleston region’s pre-eminent industrial location, the Palmetto Commerce Park continues to attract the highest caliber companies seeking skilled labor and a locational advantage for transportation, with proximity to the major players.

Crosspoint’s newest spec building is quickly pre-leasing as we pours walls and erect steel columns. Our next two buildings are also in design review, ready for our race into the future. The trick to maintaining top speed is constant focus on the horizon while keeping keenly aware of what’s happening between the driver and his path.