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and Commercial Real Estate in Charleston, SC


The “Jedburg Corridor” is a distribution of over 25 land sites lining I-26, most with actual frontage to the highway. Located inbetween Exit 199 and Exit 194 of I-26, these land parcels are suitable for any industrial, manufacturing or logistics ventures. A new exit has been proposed for I-26: to be placed a few miles after Exit 199 to increase traffic flow and provide easier access to areas further away from the exit. The two roads intersecting I-26, Highway 17A and Jedburg Road, can also provide efficient routes for transportation. Going North from the upper area of the Jedburg Corridor, it is 25 miles to I-95 and South from the bottom area it is 22 miles to the Ports of Charleston. The proximity of the Jedburg Corridor to the Ports of Charleston and the massive I-95 are prime benefits for companies located within these land parcels.


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