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By: Mike White, SIOR, CCIM, Broker-in-Charge DSC02308

Reaching Escape Velocity signifies that some strangely invisible force no longer holds us down. Rather we are capable of achieving even greater heights! The opportunities that once appeared out of reach are now plentiful offerings that our children’s generation will enjoy and expand upon.

Add to our booming manufacturing base the fact that our Port terminals now handle a record volume of cargo. These factors contribute to rent growth and lower supply risk, attracting new investors like bees to honey.

The Daniel Island Connection

One of the easiest aspects of my job, when touring new corporate executives visiting the Charleston Industrial market, is the time I spend showcasing all that Daniel Island has to offer. The open spaces, the proximity to water, seeing kids on bike trails, the quality of the buildings, and most importantly, so many friendly and courteous people, this place certainly sells itself! As we celebrate the first 20 years of Daniel Island, I salute the early visionaries, Matt Sloan and Frank Brumley, who led a team that put in place all that we enjoy today on Daniel Island. Our lives have been enriched by their hard work in the early days, long before the drivers of today’s local economy could have been imagined. I further salute the leaders of Benefit Focus and Blackbaud, who continue to invest and enhance our Island Town. What a wonderful example of investing in Main Street versus Wall Street.
Having an asset like Daniel Island provides immeasurable value to our economic development community. It’s no wonder why our special community includes so many senior executives and thought leaders from so many different industries.