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The city has been voted as the most well-mannered and polite city for 11 years running. The icon of Charleston, the Arthur Ravenel, Jr Bridge, constructed in 2005, is the longest cable-stayed bridge in the Western hemisphere and can be seen from almost anywhere in the city. Probably best known for it’s historic downtown area, with grand buildings and church steeples dotting the skyline, some over two hundred years old, Charleston is also a city of new-age and modern appeal.

Charleston’s rich history spans over three centuries and is the historic destination of South Carolina. With Charleston’s legendary Market Street, which houses the Charleston  Market, many Mom-and-Pop diners and restaurants, old fashioned candy shops and clothing stores and of course the King Street district which houses some of the finest clothing stores in the Southeast, the city allows for some great, quality shopping. Charleston’s unique culture is a blend of Southern American, English, French and West African elements that serve to create an atmosphere of welcome to newcomers of the Charleston shores.

Many luxury hotels and get-away vacation homes are a part of Charleston’s grand appeal. Yet the tourism in Charleston is nothing but flattering to the peoples who live in the city. There is always something to do in Charleston, whether it’s to visit one of the many museums or art galleries or attend one of the world-class symphonies that call Charleston home. But Charleston has always been famous in the arts: the first theater on American soil was built in 1736 in Charleston county. In fact AmericanStyle magazine has listed Charleston as one of the Top 10 art destinations of the United States. Charleston also annually hosts the Spoleto U.S.A. Festival, which is a 17-day art festival that includes jazz and blues music, ballet and modern dance, theatre and other fantastic performances.

Charleston is also home to one of the most beautiful beaches on the Eastern coast and with Marion Square Park in the center of the city and the possibility for a horse-drawn carriage ride through the historic city available, activities for those who like to be in the open air are never in short supply. The future of Charleston is bright with the airport only a short 15 minute drive, many industrial leaders are now looking to Charleston, not only because of its potential for industrial growth, but because of its wonderful quality of life.

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