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Charleston, South Carolina remains one of America’s most beloved and admired small cities. As a frequent traveler, I’m often asked where I’m from. When I reply “Charleston, South Carolina”, I’m greeted with smiles and warm compliments. “It’s so beautiful there. We had such a great time there. How did you get so lucky to live there?”

While best known for its historic, seaside location and world-class golf and restaurant scene, Charleston as an industrial market is relatively small. Traditionally, the Charleston industrial market has existed to support the busy Port of Charleston and its thousands of ocean cargo containers that pass through on a weekly basis.

Land prices have remained high along the U.S. east coast and the Charleston industrial market is no exception. This helps explains why Charleston’s 26 million sq. ft. industrial market has clustered around its airport infrastructure and stretches northwest along the I-26 corridor.

On our website, we feature Charleston’s industrial market map. This one-of-a-kind mapping tool highlights each of Charleston’s industrial parks and zones. We use this map to help focus our clients on those areas where industrial development is most likely to take place. We further catalog each of Charleston’s Industrial buildings on our searchable, digital database. We can instantly create tour books that meet our client’s most exacting requirements.

Charleston Industrial Boom Ahead: 2010-2020

Charleston, South Carolina has been blessed with five primary drivers that are contributing to its current boom in industrial investment and development. •    Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner production and supplier base. •    Defense Contractors and U.S. Navy Weapons Research. •    Clemson and GE Collaborate to form a Wind Turbine Institute. •    Port of Charleston and...

Defense in Charleston

Surely, when someone says “Charleston, South Carolina”, the words “home to some of the nation’s leading defense manufacturers, innovators and engineers” are not what comes to mind. That is, however, just what Charleston, South Carolina is, a home of some of the nation’s top leading manufacturers of defense utilities for...

Wind Turbine Institute and Energy in Charleston

Charleston is rapidly becoming involved in America’s push for clean and renewable energy and has also become a well-known leader for new technology and innovation. A slew of recent happenings have propelled Charleston and better yet all of South Carolina to the forefront of next generation renewable and clean, wind...

The Port of Charleston and the Panama Canal

The Western Coast of the United States has always been known for its historically bustling ports and empire of cargo ships and manufacturing industry. However, in 2014 many are predicting a major shift from the West Coast ports to East Coast ports. The shipping industry has recently made a move...

Charleston’s Quality of Life and Demographics

The city has been voted as the most well-mannered and polite city for 11 years running. The icon of Charleston, the Arthur Ravenel, Jr Bridge, constructed in 2005, is the longest cable-stayed bridge in the Western hemisphere and can be seen from almost anywhere in the city. Probably best known...

Legal Information for South Carolina

Below please find a broad overview listing key South Carolina real estate matters that may differ from other states’ real estate procedures. 1) Attorney-Closing State. A licensed South Carolina lawyer must conduct closings in South Carolina that involve real estate. Therefore, in South Carolina, title companies do not close real estate transactions, whether...