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Milken Institute ranks Charleston, SC as the 11th top performing city in the US!

MSGI-charleston-savannah-multisport-12The good press for Charleston continues and this time it is for the strength of its economy, not just for its beauty and great restaurants. While tourism will always be a constant economic engine in the area, the job growth in aerospace, logistics, and high-tech has really helped the Charleston metro area rank high in the top US performing cities.

In a December 2013 report, the Charleston metropolitan region was recognized by the Milken Institute, an independent economic think tank, as the 11th Top Performing City in the United States. The report examined the economic vitality of 200 large metropolitan areas primarily based on job creation and retention. Boeing’s presence in Charleston and the city’s evolution as a viable new aerospace hub, along with increased traffic at the Port of Charleston, were cited as our city’s key assets. Additionally, Charleston’s high-tech output made it the fifth-fastest growing high-tech hub in the nation.

The Milken Institute index is widely known as an objective measure of which U.S. metropolitan areas are most successful in terms of quality job creation, job retention and overall economic performance. To access the complete report, click here.